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Welcome to, the excursion point for new forays into heroic speculative fiction and comics. Already here are the Amazing Liberteens, the CADRE, Warrior Son, and Anarchia. But they're just the beginning. The call's gone out to every hero willing to not go gently into the long dark night!


6/23/2015 - Coming August 1st - a regularly updated FEATURED COMIC!

3/8/2015 - Blog Update - the memorable comics of the last 6 months.

9/15/2014 - Blog Update - the tops comics writers!

9/11/2014 - New blog entries on my favorite artists and Dark Angel.

9/9/2014 - I enjoyed myself the most ever at a comic convention at this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con. The artist talents there were out of this world. The new creators are more talented than ever. And at this convention I had the opportunity to see four of the greatest comic book artists ever: George Perez, Alan Davis, Jose Garcia-Lopez, and Bob McLeod. I want to especially sing the praises of Mr. Garcia-Lopez who has no superior in the industry but is a kind self-effacing man.

This upcoming weekend, I'll be attending the small press expo in Bethesda, Maryland at the Marriot. There, I'll introduce to the world my newest comic, "Fly Girl and Bobby D." Also, my oldest son Tre will introduce his first comic for the masses, "Little Tiny Fairies." I hope to see you there.

9/1/2014 - Labor Day marks a labor of love and the return of the heroes who defy the night.



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